Kratos DeepMind Lab

Kratos' leading artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory is an innovation hub established in 2017. Operating with the aim of utilizing deep learning techniques to train computer programs and solve complex algorithms, the laboratory is at the forefront of technological advancements.

Specifically based in the DeepMind Laboratory, Kratos focuses its efforts on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), using these techniques to successfully capture and analyze facial features. CNNs exhibit a superior capability in recognizing facial features such as contours, expressions, and other significant characteristics from visual data. Kratos' deep learning models, once trained on extensive datasets, have the ability to learn unique patterns in facial geometry and accurately match them with recognized individuals.

Our primary objective is to achieve groundbreaking results, particularly in the field of facial scanning and analysis, by employing these advanced techniques. With the introduction of AI-supported services, we are proud to offer you specialized services, including:

3D Hair Loss Analysis:
Conducting an in-depth examination of the cranial structure to determine the extent of hair loss and formulate forward-looking treatment plans.

Nose Shape Analysis According to the Golden Ratio:
Utilizing 3D analysis of facial features, our service allows for the swift determination of the most suitable nose shape according to the golden ratio.

By incorporating artificial intelligence into our services, we strive to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that exemplify the innovative spirit of Kratos.

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